A welcome from Acting Dean Canon Anne Wentzel

St Saviour's Cathedral has been a place of worship and ministry since the 1830s, and continues to serve the historic old city of Goulburn and wider Diocese, as well as the nation's newer capital, Canberra.

Our beautiful Cathedral is a visible witness to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus in a very particular place. It is renowned as the crowning achievement of the great colonial architect Edmund Blacket, and is one of the finest examples of the Decorated Gothic style.

St.Saviour's Cathedral has four chapels:

The Chapel of St.Michael & St.George (Soldiers' Chapel) occupies most of the north transcept. High in the gable, a small lancet throws light onto the rafters. Built in 1922, the Soldiers' Chapel is like "a church within a church". It seats about fifty. 

Bishop Thomas Chapel (Mesac Chapel). Tucked away behind the Chancel is the chapel dedicated to the cathedral's founder, Bishop Mesac Thomas. He is buried just outside the east window of the chapel. This chapel is used for small weekday services of Holy Communion and for the saying of the Daily Office.

The Ascension Chapel was established in recent years in the gallery, and incorporates the furnishings from the former Ascension Chapel at Bishopthorpe, Goulburn. The chapel is used primarily for private meditation. On occasions, for major services in the body of the cathedral, choral groups sing and trumpet fanfares are played from this chapel.

The Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Lady Chapel). Passing the brass eagle-lectern, given by Frederick Tooth of the brewery family, we move to the Lady Chapel. It is an ancient tradition in English churches to have a chapel dedicated to Our Lord's mother, known as "Our Lady", hence the name of Lady Chapel. In this chapel we remember and give thanks for her calling to bear and nurture the Son of God. We remember too, our own mothers. The large weaving which hangs at the east end of the chapel features the Madonna and Child. It was crafted in the year 2000 on a hand loom at Crookwell by Alan Craven from local materials. The weaving is a gift from the "Friends of St.Saviour's Cathedral".

This chapel is used as a gathering and play area for small children during Cathedral services. It has underfloor heating and open space where parents and carers can oversee children while still being connected to the service.

St Saviour's is a place of pilgrimage. Many people find inspiration and a consolation in the Cathedral's serenity and beauty.

Each year, thousands of people visit St Saviour's from all parts of Australia and around the world.

Please drop in and visit us any day between 10 am and 4 pm. We have volunteer guides to welcome you and show you around.

As you look through this site, we hope it helps you appreciate the beauty of St Saviour's and encourages you in the way of Christ.

The Goulburn Visitor Information Centre, www.igoulburn.com can provide much helpful information about our city and surrounding areas.

The Very Rev'd Phillip Saunders