Title Description Published Publication
Prayer Points August 2022 28/07/2022 Prayer Points August 2022.pdf
Pew sheet 24 Jul7y 2022 Feast of James, Apostle and Martyr 22/07/2022 Pew Sheet July 24, FEAST JAMES, APOSTLE & MARTYR.pdf
Pew sheet July 17th sixth Sunday after Pentecost 16/07/2022 Pew Sheet July 17 8AM SERVICE.pdf
Pew sheet July 10th, Fifth Sunday after Pentecost 08/07/2022 Pew Sheet July 10, Fifth Sunday after Pentecost.pdf
Weekly Pew Sheet July 3, 2022 Fourth Sunday after Pentecost 01/07/2022 Pew Sheet July 3, Fourth Sunday after Pentecost.pdf
Prayer Points July 2022 24/06/2022 Prayer Points July 2022.pdf
Weekly Pew Sheet June 26 Third Sunday after Pentecost 21/06/2022 Pew Sheet June 26, Third Sunday after Pentecost.pdf
Weekly Pew Sheet June 19, 2022 Second Sunday after Pentecost 17/06/2022 Pew Sheet June 19 2022 8AM SERVICE.pdf

This is our annual appeal for funds to continue the vital restoration works in our beautiful historical Cathedral.

Your support is vitial to ensure the works can continue. Our current project is the remediation work to our Great East Window

17/06/2022 Heritage APPEAL JUNE 2022 Brochure.pdf
Weekly Pew Sheet June 12,2022 Trinity Sunday 10/06/2022 Pew Sheet June 12 TRINITY SUNDAY.pdf