Education for Ministry (EfM) Program @ Cathedral

Education for Ministry (usually abbreviated as EfM) is an adult learning program that seeks to enable people to see and to experience the connection between Christian faith and daily life.

EfM helps us to interpret the richness of the church's faith in our complex world and to express it with confidence, in both words and actions, in our day-to-day lives and in our own communities.

EfM can be summed up as Exploring Faith Matters! It is formational and transformational for Christian life and ministry.

We do EfM in small groups led by trained mentors. Through individual study, sharing discoveries and exploring our faith together, we learn to think theologically. We connect what we come to know of the Christian tradition with our ordinary daily activites.

Here at the cathedral a new group will begin meeting on alternate Sunday afternoons and any other make-up times the group agrees to.

The co-leaders are Canon Anne Wentzel and Mrs Anna Krebs. Books and Study Guides are ordered and we will begin with a short meeting the first Sunday in February at 12.30pm for about 40 minutes.

In this 'course' you are not asked to write essays. All you have to do is read and chat. It will be an exciting year ahead as the group will form strong bonds of love and friendship.

Anyone wishing to Explore Faith Matters please contact Canon Anne. Contact phone number through Cathedral Office 4821 2206.