Our Cathedral reopened for Sunday services under Covid Safe Plan:

  1. All attending MUST register their contact details on sheets available at the entry. We do have QR Code installed for use with "smart" phones. Those without these devices must register manually on sheets provided.
  2. Physical-distancing SEATING is in place. Please select a pew as designated.
  3. SAFETY SUPERVISORS will be in attendance at both services. Please follow their directives.
  4. Please MAINTAIN 1.5m distance within our precinct
  5. OFFERING OF PEACE:  Remain in your seat and simply offer 'peace' by nod, verbally to those in front and behind you.
  6. COMMUNION:  Will be taken from the Nave step. Those seated on the north side "Soldiers Chapel" side will come forward first, keeping 1.5m distance and return to their pew via outside aisle. Those seated on southern side,  "Lady Chapel" side pews will then come forward and return to their pew via outside aisle. At this time "host" only will be offered. 
  7. CONGREGATING outside after the Service please keep 1.5m distance
  8. MASKS are no longer requqired
  9. SINGING at services of worship have been revised by NSW Government.  We are now allowed to sing without wearing a mask.

We are ALL in this TOGETHER and Restrictions are easing!